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Choosing the right business broadband supplier underpins your entire communications solution, both in terms of the cost of the service and achieving the correct speed and bandwidth.

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Manor Communications supply a flexible, tailored broadband solution for speed and efficiency in all the right places.

At Manor Communications we understand that this is not necessarily the same requirement throughout your business and so we provide a flexible, tailored solution which is designed to give you speed and efficiency in all the right places.

With a very simple pricing structure and a business grade DSL Broadband service which provides a variety of connection speeds and bandwidths you will always be in full control. Our robust, business quality broadband represents the perfect secure, functional and cost effective solution for today’s rapidly changing communications environment.

We offer three types of charging models to suit your business:


For businesses with a low broadband use who are looking for a highly competitive monthly rental, our capped service allows up to 5GB of either download or upload, with a price per GB should you exceed this within a month.


Businesses with an average broadband use should choose our unmetered service, with a Fair Usage Policy of 50GB during each month.


For businesses with a high broadband use, such as those wishing to attach to web or mail servers, or who have high use services such as file transfer, we offer a true unlimited service with no Fair Usage Policy.

Once you have chosen your preferred charging model you can then choose from a wide portfolio of available data connections.

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If you would like more information on our broadband services, please download our broadband datasheet:

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